A monthly programme of all kinds
of folk and acoustic music
Unless specified otherwise with names in brackets,
  the songs are written by the people who played them.
  Sometimes the songs are edited versions - it’s one year in one hour, after all...
The poems are listed by first line with the title in brackets if there is one;
  the haiku are anonymous or mine.
In one or two cases, the poems have been amended to make them
  a little easier to read or where the language is archaic.
Where a name is underlined, it’s a link to either their web site or to somewhere
  which gives more information.

“Under a white coverlet of snow” (January) - John Heath-Stubbs
The January Man (Dave Goulder) - Erin Mc Dougald
Winter haiku
Poor Ditching Boy (Richard Thompson) - Dave Burland
“Always the same when on a fated night” (The Onset) - Robert Frost
  Music: Amulet - Paul Simon
March haiku
Here Comes The Sun (George Harrison) - James Taylor & Yo-Yo Ma
“In just-spring” - e e cummings
  Music: Choux Fleur - Ralph McTell
April haiku
Rain (Abbie Lathe) - Maddy Prior, Abbie Lathe & Rose Kemp
“Oh to be in England” (Home Thoughts From Abroad) (part) - Robert Browning
Spring Song - Jesse Ballard
May haiku
“I sing of brooks” (The Argument Of His Book) - Robert Herrick
  Music: Where I Lay My Head (Jimmy Heffernan/ Dave Tighe) - Dave Tighe
Kites haiku
“Oh blithe newcomer, I have heard” (Cuckoo) - William Wordsworth
  Music: On Hearing The First Cuckoo In Spring (Delius)
“The year’s at the spring” (Pippa’s Song) - Robert Browning
Jolly Springtime - James Taylor
“Ah, yes I remember Adlestrop” (Adlestrop) - Edward Thomas
  Music: Love Song - David Qualey
Biloxi - Jesse Winchester
“The people along the sand” (Neither Out Far Nor In Deep) - Robert Frost
  Music: Nancy (Traditional) - Perfect Houseplants
Seaside haiku
Pebble & The Man - Donovan
“I love to rise on summer morns” - William Blake
  Music: Norman Wheatley
“It’s the longest day” - Norman Wheatley
Grantchester Meadows (Roger Waters) - Pink Floyd
Summer  haiku
“Buttermere pines” - Norman Wheatley
  Music: Banks Of The Bann (traditional) - Martin Simpson
“The thistledown’s flying” (Autumn) - John Clare
  Music: Annie (Ronnie Lane/Eric Clapton/Kate Lambert) - Ronnie Lane
Melted honey haiku
The Last Day In August - Norman Wheatley
“It’s nothing you can touch” - Norman Wheatley
September Grass (John Sheldon) - James Taylor
“Something told the wild geese” - Rachel Field
  Music: Love Songs (introduction) - James Taylor
Urge For Going - Joni Mitchell
“It’s a cloudless day in October” - Norman Wheatley
  Music - Cider’s Dream (Chasing Squirrels) - Dana & Susan Robinson
When Fall Comes To New England - Cheryl Wheeler
“Out in the deep wood” (Alcaic) - Peter Levi
  Music: Three Gymnopedie (short extract) (Erik Satie) - William Ackerman
“Today I think only with scents” (Digging) - Edward Thomas
  Music: Harvest Home - Ronnie Lane
November Blues - Norman Wheatley
December haiku
“All the shades of blue” (Winter Sky) - Norman Wheatley
  Music: Abide The Winter - William Ackerman
Winter Wind - Patty Larkin
“And so we come full circle” (The Year Goes Round) - Norman Wheatley
  Music: Towie (Iain Matthews/Julian Griffiths) - Plainsong